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BA ISAGO University Botswana Faculty of Commerce

BA ISAGO University Botswana Faculty of Commerce

The Faculty of Commerce is the largest Faculty at the University. It offers a diverse portfolio of business related qualifications through face-to-face learning.

The objectives of the Faculty are to promote high excellence in teaching and research; to produce graduates who are critical thinkers; to educate and train high level human resources in support of sustainable development and community service and to produce responsible citizens whose respect for human dignity is based on the botho philosophy.

Through its high quality staff profile, the Faculty is committed to serving needs of Botswana by producing graduates who are better equipped to deal with development issues and the challenges that face the economy of Botswana and beyond. The Faculty of Commerce has four departments namely, Business Management, Entrepreneurship, Accounting and Finance, and Risk Management, Insurance and Actuarial Sciences. Each department offers a range of programmes which are developed after consultations with industry and commerce.

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I welcome you to the Faculty to have an enriching experience during your stay at the University.


Accounting and Finance

Business management


Risk Management, Insurance and Actuarial Science