BA ISAGO University Botswana Student Administration

By | April 25, 2019

BA ISAGO University Botswana Student Administration

Student Administration

The division of Student Administration provides services to students at the entry level at every semester. Its main responsibilities include; handling applicants and students’ enquiries, managing applications, admissions, registrations and offer guidance on exemption applications, government sponsorship and student records keeping as well as marketing of BA ISAGO programmes at Career Fairs. The division is guided by the Student Administration policy, rules and regulations and policies of partner institutions for franchised programmes in their day to day work.


BA ISAGO registrations are done twice a year in January and July as most of the modules are semesterised. Registration is done through Student Information Management System (SIMS). Registration dates are usually communicated with students through text messages via SIMS which has a bulk text messaging function, the student portal where students access the University academic calendar and the BA ISAGO SRC Facebook page.

In its attempt to determine the impact of BA ISAGO programmes, the Student Administration division provides enrolment, retention and progression rates as well as determine whether learner recruitment and selection policies are appropriate to the nature and demand of programmes.

Key Performance Areas

The following were identified;

i)             Number of students enrolled/ academic year/  programme

ii)            Progression rates/ programme/  academic year

iii)           Ability to meet quotas

iv)           Admissions and Selection Criteria

v)            Customer satisfaction index

vi)           Career guidance


i)             Student Administration Policy, rules and regulations

ii)            Academic regulations

iii)           Marketing Activities

iv)           Student Advisors

v)            Exemption policy

vi)           Programme brochures

vii)         Programme entry requirements