Limkokwing University College of Creative Technology FAQs

Limkokwing University College of Creative Technology FAQs

  • Can I get a job while studying?

    International students are not legally allowed to hold a part-time job during their studies. However, we do offer several opportunities for you to acquire real-life job skills with attachments and internships with our business incubation units on campus.

    *Applicable to Malaysia only.

  • How long is the validity of a medical report?

    The medical report will be valid for 6 months effective from the date of the report. Visa application must be submitted within this period.

  • I am applying for a Governmental Scholarship and need to present a Letter of Acceptance.

    The University cannot issue a letter of acceptance/admission until you are officially admitted to the University. Please refer to the other questions about admission.

  • I am facing a login error in my student portal. I have tried all the sug-gested options but it still appears. What should I do?

    Please send us an enquiry including your full name and ID number. We will double-check and inform you on further steps.

  • I am interested in joining a sports club. Do you have one?

    Yes, the university provides different activities for our students’ diverse interests—including sports and dance clubs. Please head to the Student Services Department to join the sports club and email for the dance club.

  • I have just graduated from Limkokwing and wish to continue my studies. Do I need to pay for the registration fee again?

    We encourage all our alumni to continue their studies with us. You are exempt from paying the registration fee within one (1) year from the date of your graduation.

  • I lost my student ID card. What should I do?

    Please get in-touch with our registry department and pay the replacement fee.

  • I would like to attend graduation. Whom should I contact?
  • Is it necessary to bring my X-ray film during registration day?

    No. All of your medical details will be in the report.

  • My friend has already received her results, but I could not access mine. Can you assist?

    Please refer to your Faculty Year Leader. If the results are out, you will be able to view them from the student portal.

  • What arrangement do you have for student accommodation?

    We provide on-campus and off-campus accommodation for students. Rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

    Malaysian students need to complete the accommodation booking form after they have received their offer letters.

    International students are required to complete the accommodation booking form once their Visa Approval Letter (VAL) has been issued. It is compulsory for ALL international students to reside in the University’s provided accommodation during the first semester of their studies.

    *Applicable to Cyberjaya, Malaysia only.

  • Which clinic can I do my pre-medical report in?

    All students intending to study in Malaysia must submit a medical examination report as part of their visa application process. The list of official panel clinics outside Malaysia to do your medical examination is available on Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS).

  • Who should I contact to get copies of my academic transcripts and certifi-cate?
  • You have a presence across three continents. Can I be sent to study at another campus?

    Yes, we highly encourage our students to take part in the Global University Campus programme.