BA ISAGO University Botswana Faculty of Education

The Faculty of Education is playing an important role in the teacher education and further development of practising teachers in meeting the educational needs of Botswana. The key aim of the Faculty’s pre- service teacher education is to develop student teachers who will teach effectively and facilitate learning in any educational system. The Faculty also places a strong emphasis on in-service teacher education offering a range of programmes to build capacity, equip teachers and upgrade teachers’ qualifications. Our aim is to be known as a Faculty where staff and students are able to contribute to educational development and transformation in Botswana through innovative integration of teaching, research, community and professional development.

We have talented academic staffwho are widely recognised in their fields through research, teaching and community service and committed to the teaching profession.  As an integral part of the developmental teaching/learning experience, to reflect commitment to the University’s intentional academic advising programme, student teachers work with their lecturers in a progressive planning process across all years.    Teacher development programmes continue to be refined to ensure that our programmes are quality assured and relevant. We take pride in our bachelor degree programmes that are fully described in this Prospectus. A flagship achievement of BA ISAGO was upgrading of primary school teachers from Primary Teachers’ Certificate (PTC) to National Professional Diploma in Education (NPDE), a programme we continue to offer.

The Faculty of Education is set to consolidate its position in Botswana and aims to establish itself as Centre for Educational Excellence.


Early Childhood Development

Teacher Education and development