BA ISAGO University Botswana Faculty of Law and Para-Legal studies

As a recently appointed Dean of the Faculty of Law and Paralegal studies I would like to preface my observations by thanking all my predecessors, all Heads of Department, Lecturers (past and present) for all their efforts in the transformation of this Faculty from its fledging start to what it has since become,a faculty filled with promise and on a positive growth trajectory and with an ever growing bouquet of programme offerings ( albeit at different stages of development).

We are particularly mindful of the compelling need to produce a range of legally equipped personnel, who not only be endowed with theoretical legal knowledge and skills,but,in addition ,who will have been provided with practical skills so as to ensure their maximum fitness for purpose and needness for the market and industry as soon as possible following their completion of studies.

Although a relatively new faculty, the feedback and responses from the market attest to the practical strength of our products and have affirmed the correctness of our chosen direction. Our continuing programme development activities continue to be informed by market demands and industry experience.

As a faculty we are also aware of the challenges which the legal profession faces in an increasingly globalized world, which also entails reexamination of learning infrastructure, review of curricula and the provision of niche or specialist undergraduate and post-graduate programmes to cater for modern and increasing complex demands.

We will strive to continue to remain relevant and to endeavor to ensure that current and future generations of students continue to receive the most up to date informative and teaching methodologies available in this exciting field.

I welcome you to BA ISAGO University.



Para Legal studies