BA ISAGO University Botswana Faculty of The Built Environment, Arts and Science

The Faculty of the Built Environment, Arts and Science has its focus on the study of issues that relate to the planning, design, construction, economics and safety of the built environment. Our mission is to combine progressive theory with leading practice and educate the next generation of built environment professionals for Botswana, Africa and the world . We are committed to excellence in teaching, research and advanced practice. We aim to produce graduates who are independent, critical and creative thinkers and doers.
Towards these ends, we currently offer a range of degree, diploma and certificate programs within the following disciplines:
  • Real Estate
  • Quantity Surveying
  • Safety Management
In these programmes, you will learn from academics and practicing professionals who are leaders in their fields. The combination of academic and professional leaders ensures that you receive the relevant, timely and inspiring education, resulting in great career prospects and exciting research opportunities. Our leading lecturers are also researchers. This provides us with the opportunity to continually improve on the curriculum, drawing from information obtained from emerging critical issues in the real world. Our links with industry are further strengthened by providing solutions to current problems and through the exchange of ideas, thus contributing to the employability of our graduates both nationally and internationally.
The Faculty is now exploring the potential for expanding the ‘built environment’ domain by introducing programmes in: architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, town planning, housing and facilities management.
The Faculty welcomes you to this vibrant environment, where you will be part of a diverse environment, in which you will have the opportunity to holistically develop into confident, innovative and knowledgeable graduates.

Landscape Architecture & Quantity Surveying

Landscape Architecture and Quantity Surveying

Occupational Health & Safety

Real Estate

Safety Management