BIUST Postgraduate Application Procedure

BIUST Postgraduate Application Procedure

Ways to Apply

Prospective students who meet the requirement for enrolment into BIUST programmes may use one of the below mentioned means of applying.

  1. “Walk in” at Palapye campus
  2. Website (download application) 
  3. Request application through email (
  4. Request application through post (Admissions Office, P/Bag 16 Palapye, Botswana)
  5.  Apply online by clicking here


NB: Please ensure that before you submit your application the following supporting documents are attached, otherwise your application will be considered incomplete.

  1. Completed application
  2. Application fee receipt
  3. Certified copy of certificates and or transcripts
  4. Certified copy of Identity or valid passport

Completing Your Application

  1. Upon submission, applicants can request to consult a potential supervisor at the Academic Department
  1. Enrolment Staff shall consult their referral directory and refer the prospective PG applicant to a potential supervisor or Academic Department.
    1. The referral shall be done through one of the means of email, phone or physically.
  2. Applicants may discuss matter with the Faculty or Department or potential supervisor, after which they should be referred to Admissions Office for formal application process
  1. Complete applications shall be treated as follows
  1. The application submission shall be checked to ensure all required documents are present
    1. In case of incomplete submission, Enrolment Staff shall inform the applicant via one of the records the University has of the applicant
    2. In case of complete application if
      • Applicant submits in person, an acknowledgement form shall be generated immediately
      • Applicant submits via mail, the application shall move to the next stage, 4 below
  • Complete applications shall be forwarded to Student Records
See also  IT Project Coordinator

Processing Of Application

  1. The Faculty shall receive applications and commence the review process. After faculty consideration the Office of Enrolment shall be receive the applications with the following decisions:
    • Unconditional Offer
    • Conditional Offer
    • Hold
    • Reject
  2. Admissions Office shall contact the applicant about the admissions decision.