Botswana International University of Science & Technology BIUST Counselling Services

Botswana International University of Science & Technology BIUST Counselling Services

Student achievement and excellence is paramount if they are to become the best innovative leaders of tomorrow. However, that is possible if the inclusive academic and learning experiences are combined to enhance positive outcomes that would prepare students for life beyond the University. Students can also maximize on their career preparedness which will expand their scope and perspective of their careers which they would not only view as a series of jobs but as a positive and continuous transitional process of lifelong learning that leads to rounded growth and development. It is for this reason that among their top priorities Careers and Counselling centre helps the students to learn more about themselves examine and challenge their beliefs so that they are able to appreciate themselves, their efforts of the work they are doing as they work towards their degree.

Therefore the mandate of Careers and Counselling centre is to actively assist students with a range of intervention strategies to help them recognise and resolve existing problems as well as learn how to cope with the current situations that might negatively impact on their studies and the ability to strive for academic excellence, further preventing them from developing complex issues. The centre also emphasises on helping students to develop personal awareness to realise their potential and how they could excel in life. For the fulfillment of the careers and counselling services mandate to uphold and maintain the highest standard for professionalism and service delivery to students the staff at the centre are professionally trained to provide comprehensive educational and preventive programs to deal with students’ issues and challenges. Our services can be accessed thorough the following ways, walk-in or on appointment, telephonic appointment, appointment by e-mail, Individual or group counselling.

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Services Offered

Career Counselling

Crisis Intervention

Psychotherapy Support

Awareness Programs

  • Help students learn job search skills, such as interviewing and networking.
  • Help students set realistic academic and career goals and develop a plan to achieve them.
  • Evaluate students’ background, education, and training, to help them develop realistic goals.
  • Collaborate with lecturers and other University stakeholders to help students succeed in their degree.
  • Use aptitude and achievement assessments, to help students evaluate their interests, skills, and abilities.  
  • Work with students to develop skills, such as organisation, time management, and effective study habits.
  • Provide crisis intervention and psycho social support to students post traumatic events
  • Attend to any emergencies and offer short term solution focused therapy
  • Crisis prevention
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Support provided on various life challenging issues which negatively impact on academic success e.g.

  • Relationship problems
  • Alcohol and substance abuse,
  • Life trauma experience,
  • Depression


Psychotherapy using various modalities such as – cognitive and behavioural therapy Self-help resources (information desk) provision and availing of IEC materials


  • Contribute to mental health education and psychological wellness in conjunction with other university stakeholders
  • Student wellness project in conjunction with Health and Wellness Office
  • Informative marketing services during: registration, orientation week
  • Community outreach projects



  Name: Lucia C. Sebina- Mmereki

Tel: (+267) 4931730


Location: Student Affairs center/clinic : office 007

  Name: Nametsegang Ntibinyane

Tel: (+267) 4931689


Porta cabin behind auditorium office 27