Botswana International University of Science & Technology BIUST Student Representative Council

Botswana International University of Science & Technology BIUST Student Representative Council


The Botswana International University of Science and Technology Student Representative Council here in known as BIUST-SRC was constituted by part XIII of the BIUST statues which is also part of section 21 of the BIUST ACT.

The SRC was mandated by the university statute under part XIII subsection 67 to write its constitution that shall be aligned with the university statutes which shall be approved by council. The BIUST SRC constitutions preamble which states “We, the students of Botswana International University of Science and Technology(BIUST), are an important part of the University community, and are therefore entitled to an active role in deciding its policies and priorities. We hereby reconstitute a democratically elected Student Representative Governance structure at the University, whose name shall be the Student Representative Council hereinafter also referred to as the SRC. The SRC shall safeguard academic freedom and student rights, and to affirm the student citizens’ dignity and worth and to serve as a campus wide forum for the expression and exchange of student ideas and opinions, and to make BIUST a Science, Engineering and Technology University of choice in the region and African continent.” This has led to the derivation of the motto “for the students by the students”. In an attempt to lead according to the said constitution, the 2017/2018 SRC here by constitutes an operational plan that would be a direct indication of what is to happen during our tenure, the changes we bring for the student body. We will be putting the meaning of student governance into context and finally have a hand into the development of our beloved school and making sure that it survives until the next generation student.

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The Student Representative Council is a recognised structure of BIUST. It exists to work in hand in hand with the management of the University to ensure the welfare of students.

Our Committees

The BIUST SRC has put in place committees in order to deliver on its mandate.

Eight portfolios of the thirteen (13) have committees which report to their respective ministers. The remaining five portfolios which are the Presidency, Vice-presidency, Secretary General, Treasurer and Administrative Secretary are domiciled in the Office of the President.

Former SRC Presidents and others chosen by the incumbent President constitute the Office of the President. This crop of student leadership is mandated with addressing student needs and ensuring continuity of the work of previous SRCs. The Office of the President reports to the SRC.

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The BIUST SRC also has a campus committee that reports to ministers.

Each class has a class representative who reports to the level representative. The latter reports to a faculty representative who reports to the SRC.


The BIUST SRC has 13 portfolios;

  • Presidency
  • Vice-Presidency
  • Secretary General
  • Treasurer
  • Administrative Secretary
  • Publicity and Communications
  • Student Welfare and Advocacy
  • Sports and Recreation
  • Health and Safety
  • International Affairs
  • Entertainment and Culture
  • Community Outreach
  • Academic Affairs