Livingstone Kolobeng College Day Care

Day Care

LKC have introduced a day care centre for your kids to begin their education at a younger age allowing them to be groomed with the same culture of discipline and wisdom from a tender age…


  • The school gate will be open at 0645hrs so no child should be dropped off before this time and no child should be left unattended at the gate at any point.
  • All children should be accompanied by a parent/guardian to and from the classroom. No child will be allowed to walk alone to or from the car park.
  • Please see the “what to do list” as there are items that your child is required to bring. Because of the hot weather they are required to bring a hat to school every day and you can leave the hat at school if it is more convenient for you.
  • Please ensure that all school clothing including shoes, hats, lunch boxes, juice bottles etc are labeled with your child’s name.
  • It is the parent’s duty to notify us of any address changes, telephone, email addresses etc so we can update our data base.
  • Children who are sick, or who could be infectious in any way are not allowed to attend school.
  • Your child is required to bring the mid-morning snack and lunch to school every day and please ensure that the food he/she brings is healthy. We do not approve of items such as sweets, crisps etc…
  • A change of clothes must be kept in your child’s bag at all times for all age groups.
  • We are not able to guarantee to keep your child’s clothes clean or tidy so please do not dress them in clothes that you do not want to get dirty.
  • We do not accept responsibility for money that we have not been given so as curtsey please do not leave money in your child’s school bag and also do not give money to a class teacher rather pay all monies to the school office.