Supersport: Graduate / Internship Programme 2021 / 2020

Supersport: Graduate / Internship Programme 2021 / 2020

Closing Date: 13 June 2021
Location: Johannesburg

To perform assigned by the Senior Manager Shared Services, executive producer, Senior producer and producer. This also includes administrative tasks

Monitor correct Broadcasting Spec

  • Make sure keys are in the correct position
  • Make sure durations are correct according to natural breaks in the material
  • Clean video and audio in and out points
  • Make sure audio channels are correctly chosen and noted

Sponsorship Requirements Noted          

  • Ensure sponsorship requirements are checked before they are executed – must correspond with Sponsorship Sheet
  • Implement sponsor requirements as per Sponsorship Sheets
  • Ensure sponsorship requirements are noted every time they are executed
  • Provide accurate records to Sponsors regarding their elements – to the exact second that it occurs and ensure records are completed according to SuperSport requirements (need SOPs)

Music Cue Sheets           

  • Make sure all music originated within SuperSport premises has a music cue sheet
  • Ensure music cue sheets are completed and filed as per SuperSport requirements

Running Order Assistance           

  • Collect running orders from Producer, photocopied or emailed and distributed timeously
  • Type running orders and check durations
  • Assist producer / director in following of running order – reminders are provided as required
  • Continuous calculating to ensure that programme is on course to be completed within the correct duration
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File Management           

  • All relevant documents and copies thereof can be accessed easily in files
  • Correct naming conventions have been used for stored resources
  • Correct formats have been used for storage of projects

Comms / Info / Liaison  

  • Correct Comms and Studio etiquette is followed (SOPs needed)
  • Deliver required information accurately due to maintaining positive relationships with relevant parties e.g. ICR, Studio, Gallery, MCR, SCCR and OB

Edited Material & Research

  • Perform segmentation of digital footage using correct naming conventions
  • Clip highlights – as per requirements of sport and producer
  • Ensure appropriate information is located and delivered as per sport and producer requirements


  • Equivalent NQF Level 4 Qualification, Diploma or Degree
  • Degree or Diploma in Sport Management
  • Graphic Design
  • Degree or Diploma in Journalism or Communications
  • Accounting degree
  • Marketing degree or diploma
  • Digital Marketing
  • Information Technology
  • Finance
  • Media Studies
  • Engineering
  • Industrial Psychology
  • Any Broadcasting Experience – Advantageous
  • Industrial Psychology
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  • A minimum of 1 year experience in administrative, production assistant or similar role

Technical Competencies 

  • Administration
  • Project Coordination
  • Filing Methodology
  • Compliance
  • Positive Attitude

Behavioral Competencies 

  • Problem Solving
  • Results Orientation
  • Attention to Detail
  • Time Management
  • Planning & Organising
  • Resilience
  • Ideas Generating

How To Apply

Apply Online for the Supersport Graduate / Internship Programme

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