BIUST Undergraduate FAQs

BIUST Undergraduate FAQs

What is Botswana International University of Science and Technology (BIUST)?

BIUST is a new University poised to widen international, national and regional opportunities for higher education in Science, Engineering and Technology as well as provide opportunities for applied research.

What sets BIUST apart from other tertiary institutions in Botswana?

BIUST is an international University whose focus is on applied research and producing industry-ready graduates. The University was founded to produce Science, Engineering and Technology graduates, the key areas the Government of Botswana has identified as key to economic diversification. The University boasts of world class learning, sporting facilities and highly skilled academics.

What are the entry qualifications?

BGCSE/IGCSE or equivalent is required for admission into Undergraduate study. All programmes require a minimum of Pass (D) in English and a Credit (C) in Mathematics plus two Science subjects: Physics and Chemistry; BGCSE/IGCSE holders should possess a minimum of 20 points from any of Mathematics, and Physics and/or Chemistry and/or Biology or Science Double Award (Integrated Science Award). Applicants with BGCSE/IGCSE should have attained 38 points and above, calculated from best 6 subjects.

What are the requirements for direct entry into second year?

  • A-Level holders and BSc year one graduates are considered for direct entry into second year.
  • A-Level holders are required to possess 3 A Level grades with a C or better in Mathematics and Physics, Chemistry or Biology (one Science subject).
  • BSc common first year holders are required to possess at least 40 BGCSE points and must have obtained at least 65% without resits or retakes as recorded in their BSc transcript.
  • Diploma holders will be considered for related and/or relevant programmes.

When is the deadline for applications?

BIUST usually starts accepting applications from the month of October and the deadline is the last working day of April.

What do I need to do in order to apply?

When applying, you need to have first met the minimum entry requirements. Applicants must complete an application form, attach certified copies of supporting documents such as transcripts and certificates, a copy of national identity/passport, and a copy of proof of payment for the application fee. Should you have any other question regarding submitting an application, you can send an email to

Can I study part-time?

Currently BIUST does not offer part time study.

I have not yet received my academic results. Can I still apply to BIUST?

An application will be considered incomplete and the decision to offer/admissions cannot be made on incomplete applications.

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When does the academic year begin?

BIUST semester one commences in November while semester two commences in early July.

Can you give me an early assessment of my chances for acceptance?

While the University encourages early applications, decisions on acceptance will be made after closing date of applications.

After doing well in my second year with BIUST will I be given a chance to study outside the country?

BIUST is still in the process of arranging student exchanges opportunities. However students studying programmes at BIUST can expect to start and complete their programmes in Botswana.

Can I transfer to BIUST from another University?

Yes, it is possible to transfer into BIUST from recognized Universities.

Is accommodation guaranteed for students at BIUST?

On-campus accommodation is limited, therefore it is not guaranteed. Students are encouraged to apply for on-campus accommodation and also keep their options open for off-campus accommodation. The University will advise all new students to apply for accommodation on time

Will I find a job after completing my studies at BIUST?

BIUST programmes are designed to train industry-ready graduates. BIUST plays a key role in preparing students for the world of work through services like career advising, placements and internships.

Is the BIUST allowance the same as any other institution?

All students sponsored by Department of Tertiary Education Financing (DTEF) to pursue tertiary education at BIUST will earn the same allowance as other institutions.

What Financial Aid does the University offer?

Currently BIUST does not offer any financial aid or scholarships to its students.

Can I pay my fees in installments?

All self-sponsored students are required to have paid at least part of the semester fees prior to registration at the beginning of the semester. Should the student experience problems beyond his/her control, please refer to the Finance Office.

Where can I get information about tuition costs?

BIUST Finance Office can give you information about tuition costs and related university fees.

Can I visit the University before I apply?

Yes, prospective students are encouraged to visit the Palapye BIUST campus, school going students can contact their School career guidance offices to arrange school visits.

Will there be a BIUST office in Gaborone and Francistown to assist applicants who cannot afford to travel to Palapye in order to complete application process.

The University encourages applicants to use the admissions email address and the BIUST mail box (Private Bag 16, Palapye) to send their applications. BIUST will advise prospective students when it has a presence in Gaborone and Francistown.

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How can I obtain a copy of my grades?

All current students will be issued with their academic record at the end of every semester, and thereafter academic records will be issued at a cost, on a case by case basis.

How do I update my personal information?

If a prospective student has changed his/ her personal information such as a mailing address or cell number, please contact Admissions Office to update your records. If you are a current student please visit the Student Records Office, along with evidence of change of data.

Does the University offer Student health services?

The University offers Student health services including a fully equipped 24hr clinic with a resident nurse and an ambulance.

Who is allowed to access student counselling services?

All bonafide students in the University are free to access counselling services.

Does the university offer any Student Counselling Services?

The university offers academic and personal life related counselling services. Counselors consult with students to assist with a wide range of issues. It could be academic difficulties, anxiety, depression, homesickness, sexual abuse, relationship problems, family problems and many others.

Do I need to pay to use counseling services?

Counselling is free for BIUST bonafide students.

How confidential is counselling?

Counsellors are guided by strict Code of Ethics which regulates the conduct of counsellors. Every discussion in the counselling session is kept confidential. The counsellor may divulge client’s issues to someone with their written consent, through a court order or if there is clear evidence that someone including the client may be at risk.

Can my counsellor deal with every kind of problem/issue?

No, there are some problems that are best handled by experts in specific areas. Should a student present a problem that a counselor cannot handle, the student counselor will refer the student to external facilities for further assistance.

Are students allowed to volunteer on campus?

Yes, students are encouraged to volunteer in the student support services and outside the university through registered clubs and societies. See Student Services Office for futher assistance.