Botswana Accountancy College BAC Short Courses

Botswana Accountancy College BAC Short Courses

Short Courses

The School is the business-to-business arm of the college focusing on some postgraduate courses, bespoke corporate learning and consultancy to enhance a life-long learning culture among corporate leaders. The School offers variety of credit-bearing courses on block release and short-non-credit bearing programmes that have flexibility to suit the busy corporate learner/executive as their hallmark.

The SPGS is a dynamic academic division of the Botswana Accountancy College, responsible for continuing life-long education and training. It is also responsible for employer engagement and change management initiatives that provide quality-assured, accredited, work-based learning solutions for employers and the tertiary education sector – ranging from bespoke training courses to accreditation of in-company pro-grammes that deliver real business impact. This enables individuals and organisations to be responsive to market demands and trends, while giving access to professionals for their professional development.

A defining feature of the SPGS activities is Short Courses and on-the-job training. All these courses are grounded in teaching activity, and therefore need to comply with the quality assurance requirements of the College and the relevant government and regulatory institutions.

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The purpose of the SPGS

  • To provide continuing life-long education and training to employers, the tertiary education sector, and the youths in general, and thereby contribute to developing the relevant skillsets for the economy and for youth entrepreneurship.
  • To promote the academic development and delivery of a mixed portfolio of activities, inclusive of professional courses, accreditation of in-company programmes, bespoke academic solutions, the work-based learning framework, and individual lifelong learners.
  • To promote, execute, and manage all forms of consulting work, aligned to the core mandate of the School and BAC in general.
  • As the business-to-business arm of the College, support leadership and change management develop-ment in the public and private sectors, respectively, and (value adding) build regional and international alliances for the advancement of entrepreneurship and the SCLL’s sustainability.
  • It is my sincere hope that you find a programme that meets your needs or that you invite us to work with you to deliver a tailored solution for your training and development needs to contribute towards the knowledge-society vision of Botswana, Africa and the world.
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Non-credit bearing courses
These are on a needs-basis and cover areas of need by clients and are developed either off-the-shelf on a bespoke basis. Off-the-shelf examples non-credit bearing courses include (among others)

  • Customer service
  • Corporate Governance
  • Supervision Skills
  • Company Board Duties
  • Storekeeping (Ordering, Receiving, Issuing)
  • Bookkeeping (Basic accounting)
  • Basic Management and Leadership Skills
  • Waitering / Catering Skills
  • Housekeeping
  • Guest Relations (Hotels and Lodges)
  • Basic Computing Skills

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