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University of Otago Changes of course

University of Otago Changes of course Changes of course If you wish to add, drop, or change papers, and have completed the course approval declaration, you will need to complete a change request form. The 2019 deadlines for making changes to your course are below:   ADDING – BY 5PM ON: DELETION – BY 5PM ON:… Read More »

University of Otagouni Doctoral degrees

University of Otagouni Doctoral degrees Doctoral degrees The most advanced degrees of the University, mostly awarded on the basis of a thesis or a portfolio of published works of special excellence, but sometimes involving taught papers as well. Doctoral graduates may use the title ‘Doctor’. See Also: University of Otago Admissions

University of Otagouni Credit for study elsewhere (transfer credit)

University of Otagouni Credit for study elsewhere (transfer credit) Credit for study elsewhere (transfer credit) Credit may be granted towards Otago qualifications based on study completed at another tertiary institution, or as “recognition of prior learning” (for certain Māori Studies and Surveying papers only). Credit may be granted as specified credit (recognising that the passes from… Read More »

University of Otagouni Cross Credit

University of Otagouni Cross Credit Cross Credit Cross credit describes the situation in which a pass in a University of Otago course or paper is able to be credited by a student towards the requirements for two University of Otago qualifications. Neither qualification may be a postgraduate qualification or a graduate diploma or graduate certificate. The… Read More »

University of Otagouni Course enrolment

University of Otagouni Course enrolment Course enrolment Course enrolment is the part of the enrolment process where students provide or update their personal details, select their papers, and complete a declaration concerning their enrolment in a particular year. The personal details include details that may change over time (such as study address), and information the University… Read More »