University of Otago Changes of course

University of Otago Changes of course

Changes of course

If you wish to add, drop, or change papers, and have completed the course approval declaration, you will need to complete a change request form.

The 2019 deadlines for making changes to your course are below:


Summer School Papers

14 January 2019 14 January 2019 4 February 2019

First semester papers

1 March 2019 15 March 2019 3 May 2019

Full year papers

1 March 2019 22 March 2019 13 September 2019

Second semester papers

12 July 2019 26 July 2019 13 September 2019

If you add a paper to your enrolment, any additional fees incurred are payable 20 days from when the change of course is registered.

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If you delete a paper from your course of study by the due date you will be entitled to a refund of tuition fees for that paper, (excepting the $100.00 Tuition Refund fee if all papers are deleted).

If the last day to delete has passed you can withdraw from a paper, however there is no refund of fees for withdrawn papers, and your liability for any unpaid fees will remain. See Adding, deleting and withdrawing from papers or Changing your course for more information.

The deletion and withdrawal deadlines for non-standard date papers shall be one-third and two-thirds of the way through the paper respectively, normally calculated based on the start date and end date of the paper (see the paper database for these dates in relation to a specific non-standard date paper).

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Deletions or withdrawals after the deadlines noted above will be permitted only in exceptional circumstanceswhich are beyond your control and which prevent you from completing your course.

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