NSFAS Private Accommodation

NSFAS Private Accommodation

Does NSFAS pay private accommodation deposits?

No, NSFAS does not pay private accommodation deposits or residence deposits.

How do I apply for private accommodation?

Please visit the UFS website at www.ufs.ac.za for a complete guide:

  • Click on STUDENTS
  • Click on FINANCIAL AID

 How will the accredited private accommodation work?

If your landlord is not accredited, please refer him/her to the Department of Student Housing. No payments will be made in 2022 and onwards to landlords who were not accredited by the end of 2020.

 When will I receive my private accommodation payment?

You must apply online to your private accommodation.  It is compulsory to upload your rental agreement and proof of home address.  If your private accommodation application is approved by the 25th of a month you will receive payment from your move-in date up to date during the first week of the following month and thereafter you will receive your monthly payments until November.

How will I know if my private accommodation application status has changed?

You will immediately receive an email on your ufs4life email address when your status change.

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What should I do if my private accommodation application is incomplete?

Please log in on your Student Self Service.  The reasons for your incomplete application will be listed under your private accommodation application.  Please correct the application and resubmit.  Please do not resubmit if the application was not corrected.  Please visit the website for clear explanations on the reasons for incomplete applications if you are unsure what is expected from you.
Please note that no payment will be made before your private accommodation application is approved.

When is the closing date for NSFAS private accommodation applications?

The closing date for applications for private accommodation is 10 September 2021.  Please note that no extension will be given.

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