South African Bursaries Closing in February 2023 – 2024

South African Bursaries Closing in February 2023 – 2024

What is Bursary and how does it work?

A Bursary is A grant, especially one awarded to someone to enable them to study at university or college.


Bursaries vary in amounts and professions and are given to students to further their studies. In return for funding your studies, the company may require you to repay them by signing a work contract with them. Another type of bursary is a donor bursary (a bursary awarded to a deserving candidate in a specific field of study or recognition for his/her work in a specific field of study).

To apply for a bursary, you will find a link to each bursary with further information such as the following: eligibility requirements, details on how to apply, application forms, where available or details on how to obtain an application form, a list of supporting documents required, closing dates and contact details of the bursary holder if you have any further queries.

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