Botswana Accountancy College BAC Entry Requirements

Botswana Accountancy College BAC Entry Requirements

BAC is committed to providing accurate and appropriate pre-enrolment information and support to prospective students in order to ensure that they are well informed about their decision making regarding their choice of programmes. The College’s website and printed publications provides clear information and guidance on all entry requirements, grades and subjects for the programs on offer. We consider a wide range of subjects as a prerequisites entry onto our courses, thus applicants are advised to check individual course requirement, which provides specific subjects or combination of subjects points which we believe will provide the best preparation for study on a particular programme.


BAC operates an open Admissions Policy that ensures fair and equitable treatment of all applicants and is committed to providing a flexible, high quality teaching and learning environment, focused on supporting students in achieving their full potential. The College offers a wide range of Business, Professional Accounting and Information Technology programmes.


Read carefully and understand the list of courses offered and the entry requirements. Ensure that you apply for the programme for which you meet the specified requirements. A list of all undergraduate programmes offered by Botswana Accountancy College and the entry requirements are enclosed. Please note that the guide on cut off points serve only as a guide and is therefore not final considerations for admission.

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You can come in person to collect application forms from the College front desk, admissions office or you can download the application form from…


Before applying to the College, take a look at the entry requirements for your chosen programme from the prospectus which provides detailed information.


Submit your completed application form online or at admissions office. Please make sure you get your application acknowledgement letter.


Before you submit your application, you should ensure that you have the following certified documents available:

  • Copies of high or senior secondary school certificates.
  • Copies of any other qualifications or BGCSE examinations you have taken that are relevant to your chosen programme.
  • Copies of the transcripts from your undergraduate degree (if transferring from another College or University).
  • Copies of identity card or passport for international students.


  • Before completing the application form, please refer to the attached guidance notes, undergraduate prospectus and ensure that you have read and understood them fully.
  • The application form is to be completed by the applicant clearly, in ink, and in BLOCK CAPITALS.
  • Every part of the application form should be completed in full or write NOT APPLICABLE where appropriate.AN APPLICANT MAY APPLY FOR UP TO THREE (3) PROGRAMME CHOICES IN THE SPACES PROVIDED ON THE APPLICATION FORM.
  • Where you don’t understand, our Admissions Advisors are available to assist you through the application process. Incomplete application forms will not be considered.
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