South African Revenue Service Vacancies 2023/2024

South African Revenue Service Vacancies 2023/2024

SARS’ approach to integrity

South African Revenue Service Vacancies | The SARS integrity model and approach is informed by our Country’s Constitution which clearly indicates the kind of public institutions required, to enable us to realize a democratic and developmental state. SARS as part of the Public Administration is thus obliged to provide services in a fair, equitable, transparent, and accountable manner. Equally, it calls for high standards of professional ethics, efficient and effective use of the resources it is entrusted with.

To this end, SARS is consistently true to the higher purpose, which is about championing the mandate of the organization. Championing the mandate in a consistent and sustained manner requires that the organization deliberately and purposefully promotes a culture of integrity to strengthen and support an environment that is intolerant of unethical conduct, fraud, and corruption.

It is this drive and focuses on the higher purpose that informs the integrity promotion framework that has been adopted by the organization.

For SARS Integrity is defined as the pursuance of the higher purpose through consistent promotion, compliance, and alignment with the SARS policies, regulatory framework, and also living the SARS values.

To drive and promote a culture of integrity SARS has identified four key integrity drivers:

  • Values -Who we are and what we stand for. Values enhance organizational cohesion
  • Governance
    • Leadership – makes decisions about the direction of the organization
    • Infrastructure – organizational policies, systems, and processes
  • Culture – to shared beliefs, either formal or informal that influence behavior in the organization
  • Service Delivery

Out of the four integrity drivers, Leadership is the most critical for SARS, based on the role and impact of leadership in the organization. If the leadership is empowered; if the leadership understands and supports the integrity program, inevitably a culture of integrity will be entrenched in the organization.

The Integrity Promotion Framework is based on the principle of voluntary alignment with SARS values. This approach seeks to strengthen and promote doing the right thing, sustaining the good that exists and making it very difficult for the bad to survive. The framework is supported by three pillars that inform the integrity promotion program.

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The objectives of the framework are:

  • Build public confidence and trust
  • Impact on trust levels both within the organization and outside of the organization
  • Prevent unethical conduct
  • Promote self-regulation

Dear Career Seeker,

The South African Revenue Service (SARS) is preparing for a future where increasingly our work will be informed by data-driven insights, self-learning computers, artificial intelligence, and the interconnectivity of people and devices. Mindful of this, we are evolving our workforce to prepare for this exciting changed, and changing world of work. Whilst we continue to develop our own employees, we invite talented and passionate executives, who share our strong public service ethos and unmistakable commitment to improving the material conditions and wellbeing of all South Africans.

Our Vision 2024 is to build a smart modern tax authority with unquestionable integrity, trusted by the government, the public, and our international peers. Our Strategic Intent is “to develop a tax and customs system based on Voluntary Compliance, and where required, enforce responsibly and decisively”.

What’s New?

26 January 2021 – SARS is recruiting, click here to apply.

How to apply for vacancies – External Manual – Step-by-step guide to applying for a vacancy.


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