Botswana Accountancy College BAC Life On Campus

Botswana Accountancy College BAC Life On Campus

Life On Campus

Accomodation Facilities

The main campus has 56 rooms with two beds in each room. Botswana Accountancy College has three hostels available which provide accommodation for 112 BAC students. Blocks are: Khama, Bathoen and Sechele. Each hostel has four to five units. A unit consists of four individual rooms leading to a common room. Each room has its own shower, toilet and study area. The hostels are located in BAC main campus. Hostel fees: P864.00 per week.

Cafeteria Facilities

On campus are provided with Breakfast, Lunch and Supper.

Meal Times:  Breakfast:   0700hrs to 0745hrs
Lunch:    1230hrs to 1330hrs
Supper:   1700hrs to 1800hrs

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Clinic Facilities

Botswana Accountancy College Clinic is run by Health Synergy. It is an acute care Clinic. Staff establishment of 3 (Doctor visits twice a week, Monday & Wednesday) and a full time registered nurse and a receptionist. It operates from 0800hrs to 1700hrs during weekdays. The nurse attends to emergency cases after hours and during weekends. The clinic caters for BAC staff and students. Referrals are made to the main hospital. There is an ambulance service in case of extreme emergencies. No payments are done at the clinic it is free except when there are tests required which will be done outside the campus clinic

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Cost Of Living Estimates

Monthly Expenses
Accommodation is P928.80 per week

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