Botswana Institute of Chartered Accountants Membership Categories

Botswana Institute of Chartered Accountants Membership Categories

Membership Categories

Since the inception of the new Accountants Act 2010, in April 2011, the Botswana Institute of Chartered Accountants had a lot to do in terms of implementing some of the     items on the Act, at the same time BICA was born, the new BICA qualification was also born, and then came the introduction of new categories. Accounting Technician, Associate Chartered Accountant and Fellow Chartered Accountant.

Accounting Technician

The procedure for applying for Accounting Technician category remains the same as before, filling in the new BICA 1000 form, attach all the relevant documents (Academic certificates, ID, Reference from Employer), and two references from those who are already members of the Institutes. There is also a form call the Work experience check list which is also a requisite when applying for this category, the form has different fields of accounting which one must fill in the period he/she has worked on that particular field then the supervisor/employer should countersign and put the company stamp at the end of the form.

The following are some of the qualifications that one needs to qualify for this category;
International Accounting Technician Qualification from the Botswana Institute of Accountants, Pass finalist of a recognized professional accountancy qualification like ACCA or CIMA, Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT), Chartered Institute of Secretaries (CIS) Member, Degree in accounting equivalent to Bachelor of Accounting degree from University of Botswana, or any other qualification as will be approved by council from time to time.

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Associate Certified Professional Accountant (ACPA)

Any person who wants to apply for this category must be a member in good standing of such other institute or professional body of accountants as the institute may recognize can apply for this category. This is done by completing a prescribed form, providing certified copies of Membership Certificate, letter of good standing from the parent institute, copy of ID and the prescribed fees. Members in this category can use (ACPA) as their designatory.

Associate Chartered Accountant (ACA)

To be registered as an Associate Chartered Accountant, one has to prove to the BICA council that he/she has passed the examinations set under the Botswana Professional Accountancy Qualification, and has satisfied the practical training requirements specified under the rules. Such person should also be a member in good standing of the Associate category of the BICA as at the date of commencement of the Act.

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Fellow Certified Professional Accountant (FCPA)

Associate Certified Professional Accountants of BICA and those of other bodies in good standing who can prove to the Council that they have been members in good standing continuously for a period of five years and have met all the CPD requirements qualify to upgrade to Fellow Certified Professional Accountant.

Fellow Chartered Accountant (FCA)

Any member who has been an Associate Chartered Accountant of the institute for shall be illegible for upgrading as a Fellow chartered Accountant provided he meets all the CPD requirements and being on ACA category continuously for a period five year will be upgraded with effect from the 1st January of the year following his reaching the five years.