CAO Acronyms And Abbreviations

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CAO Acronyms And Abbreviations

CAO Acronyms And Abbreviations| Central Applications Office Acronyms And Abbreviations


Image Postal Address
Image Physical Address
Image Website
Image Telephone/Contact Number
Image Facebook
Image Fax
24/7 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
& And
@ At
/ Or
% Percent
1 st First
2 nd Second
3 rd Third
4 th Fourth
6 th Sixth
“A” Level Advanced level
ABET Adult Basic Education & Training
Acc Accounting
Admin Administration
Adv Advanced
Adv Cert Advanced Certificate
Adv Dip Advanced Diploma
Afrik Afrikaans
Agric Agricultural/Agriculture
Agric Sci Agricultural Science
App Application
Apr April
APS Admission Point Score
Aug August
B Bachelor
B A Bachelor of Arts
B Admin Bachelor of Administration
B Agric Agric Bachelor of Agriculture
B Com Bachelor of Commerce
B Deg Bachelors Degree
B Ed Bachelor of Education
B Music Bachelor of Music
B Sc Bachelor of Science
B Soc Sc Bachelor of Social Science
B Tech Bachelor of Technology
Biol Biology
Bus Econ Business Economics
Bus Stud Business Studies
CAO Central Applications Office
CBA Certificate in Business Administration
Cert Certificate
COM Change of Mind
Comm Commerce
Comp Stud Computer Studies
Cons Stud Consumer Studies
Cnr Corner
CTC Central Technical College
DBE Department of Basic Education
DeafSA Deaf Federations of South Africa
Deg Degree
Des Design
DHET Department of Higher Education & Training
Dip Diploma
Dr Drive
Dram Arts Dramatic Arts
DUT Durban University of Technology
Eg For Example
Econ Economics
Econ Environment Economic Environment
ECP Extended Curriculum Programme
Email Electronic mail
EMS Economics and Management Sciences
Eng Engineering
Engl English
Etc Etcetera (and so on)
esATI Eastern Seaboard Association of Tertiary Institutions
Exam Examination
Excl Excluding
Ext Extension
FAL First Additional Language
Fax Facsimile
Feb February
FET Further Education & Training
FET Cert Further Education & Training Certificate
GCE General Certificate of Education
GCSE General Certificate of Secondary Education
Geog Geography
GPS Global Positioning System
Graph Graphics
H Cert Higher Certificate
HCI Hosken Consolidated Investments
HESA Higher Education South Africa
HG Higher Grade
HIGCSE Higher International General Certificate of Secondary Education
Hist History
HL Home Language
Home Econ Home Economics
Hons Honours
Hosp Stud Hospitality Studies
ICB Institute of Certified Bookkeepers
ICT Information and Communications Technology
ID Identity Document
IEB Independent Examinations Board
IGCSE International General Certificate of Secondary Education
IIE Independent Institute of Education
IMM Institute of Marketing Management
Incl Including
Info Information
Info Tech Tech Information Technology
Intro Introduction
IT Information Technology
Jan January
Jun June
Jul July
KZN KwaZulu-Natal
L 2 Level 2
Lang Language
LES Life and Earth Sciences
Life Sc Life Sciences
Lit Literature
LO Life Orientation
LOLT Language of Learning and Teaching
M Mathematical Sciences (Stream M)
M Tech Master of Technology
MBA Master of Business
Maths Mathematics
Maths Lit Mathematical Literacy
Matric Matriculation
MICT Media, Information and Communication Technologies
Min Minimum
Mis Management Information Systems
MRTEQ Minimum Requirements for Teacher Education Qualifications
MSTE Mathematics, Science and Technology Education
Mths Months
MUT Mangosuthu University of Technology
N Nated
NATED National Accredited Technical Education Diploma
NB Please Note/Note Well
NCPPD National Council for Persons with Physical Disabilities
N Cert National Certificate
N Dip National Diploma
N H National Higher
N N National Nated
N N Dip National Nated Diploma
N1, N2, N3, N4, N5, N6 National Technical Certificate
NC(V) National Certificate (Vocational)
Nishe National Information Service for Higher Education
No. Number
Nov November
NQF National Qualifications Framework
NSC National Senior Certificate
NSC Deg National Senior Certificate (meeting the requirements for degree level study)
NSC Dip National Senior Certificate (meeting the requirements for diploma level study)
NSC H Cert National Senior Certificate (meeting the requirements for higher certificate level study)
NSFAS National Student Financial Aid Scheme
‘O’ Level Ordinary Level
Oct October
P G Postgraduate
PGCE Postgraduate Certificate in Education
B Admin Bachelor of Administration
Phys Sci/Physics Physical Science
Physiol Physiology
P O Post Office
POPIA Protection of Personal Information Act
PMB Pietermaritzburg
Prof Professional
P/T Part-time
QASA QuadPara Association of South Africa
R Rand (Zar)
Rd Road
Religion Stud Religion Studies
RPL Recognition of Prior Learning
SA South Africa/South African
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