Central Application Office CAO Late Application

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Central Application Office CAO Late Application

CAO Late Application

Central Application Office CAO Late Application | See Details On Central Application Office CAO Late Application Below:

How Late Application Works

Late Application

      • Unlike programmes, which may all have different closing dates, there is ONE date on which LATE PAYMENTS take effect; i.e. 01 NOVEMBER
      • All applications and/or administration fees received from 01 November will attract the “Late Payment” status and will be liable for the late fee applicable at the time (usually, but not always double the “On Time” administration fee).

    Application Closed

        • Programmes that have reached or passed the advertised closing date and are advertised with the note: “No Late Applications will be considered” will receive the “Programme Close” status. This means that for such programmes no programme applications or administration fees received after the closing date will be considered by that institution. Examples are medicine, some health sciences, and some education programmes.

    Late Application Or Application Late

    • Each of the advertised programmes has a closing date. The closing date for each programme can be different; eg. B Health Science: Diagnostic Radiography (DU-D-RAD) has a closing date of 31 August while B Health Sciences in Medical Laboratory Science (DU-D-BLS) has a closing date of 30 September. Both programmes are for 2024 Entry.
    • Any applications and the fully paid administration fee received ON or BEFORE the advertised closing date will receive the status “WAITING FOR A DECISION”. This status indicates that the application is “On-Time” and will receive priority consideration by the institution/s to which you have applied. The administration fee would be the advertised “On Time” fee.
    • Even though the programmes’ closing date may have been reached or passed, applicants may still apply for them, but such applications will receive the “Late Application/Application Late” status and will be considered AFTER all the “On Time” applications have been considered. The administration fee remains that for “On Time” applications.
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