NSFAS 2024 Application Is Now Open

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NSFAS 2024 Application Is Now Open

NSFAS 2024 Application Is Now Open | Ladies and gentlemen

Opening of the 2024 applications season

NSFAS has officially opened its application this morning and will close on the 31st of January 2024.

The reason we are opening the application period now is that NSFAS was awaiting SARS completion of the tax period which is very important to enable NSFAS to have the necessary and updated information available during the application season.

Furthermore, this is done to afford the beneficiaries shorter turnaround times for decision making which is aligned to NSFAS financial eligibility assessment which requires updated SARS information.

we implore all students who wish to study in any of the public universities and TVET Colleges to apply timeously and not wait until the last day.

Students DON’T HAVE to wait for matric results in order to apply for NSFAS.

NSFAS is mandated to make funding available to poor and working-class families and in adhering to this mandate they will continue to make immediate funding decisions for  SASSA First Time Entering (FTEN) students.

Note that for this application period, there will be no supporting documents required at the time of application.

The reason for this is due to our improved third-party relations. These third parties include SASSA, SARS, and the Department of Home Affairs. They will be providing NSFAS with information to verify what the student would have declared in the application.

The only time supporting documents will be required, is when prompted by NSFAS in case where they cannot verify the parental relationship. Communication will be sent directly by NSFAS to a student to initiate this process.

In the case where a student is submitting an appeal, the documents required will be based on the NSFAS declaration form available on the NSFAS website.

In addition, disabled students will be required to submit the disability annexure form, because they are assessed at R600K threshold.  All these improvements will ensure that funding decisions are confirmed timeously.

Students are urged to provide accurate information particularly parental information when applying so that when validations occur with Home Affairs students can be funded timeously. NSFAS will reject or request additional supporting documentation where validations with 3rd parties have failed.

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All the first-time applicants will be able to appeal as soon as they are rejected.

However, the returning students and continuing students will only be able to appeal from the end of November as NSFAS is still improving the processes so that students have multiple reject reasons and appeal at once instead of the current process where they have been rejected at different points in the funding value chain.

The scheme continues to improve its controls in ensuring that those who do not qualify do not access the funding. This is done in collaboration with other public entities such as SARS and the Department of Home Affairs (DHA).

Log onto your myNSFAS account to track your application status.

How to Apply:

Step by step

It’s as easy as 1,2,3,……

Get started by creating a new account.

It’s as easy as 1,2,3,……

ID number, Names, and Surname are validated against the Department of Home Affairs database. Only valid South African ID information will be accepted.

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Once you have been approved for NSFAS funding, you will be covered until you complete your degree.

However, this is contingent on you meeting the academic requirements. To ensure your continuous funding, you must concentrate on studying and passing your modules.


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